The Cheeky Guide to Sleeping Easier on Your Period

18 August 2022  |  Admin

More than any other time of the month, when you’re on your period, you need to sleep and take care of your body. Unfortunately, between period pains and feeling a bit meg, it’s not always easy to get to sleep you need when you’re on.

One of the signs that my period is due is having a restless night just before my period arrives when my body temperature peaks. Once my period actually arrives, my sleep doesn't improve much, between cramps and feeling bloated. So for everyone out there who suffers with their sleep during their menstrual cycle, we’ve compiled our Cheeky Guide on how to sleep easier on your period:

the Ultimate Guide to sleeping better on your period

How can I Sleep Easier on my Period

To sleep easier on your period, you can:

  1. Take some Ibuprofen right before bed if you're suffering with cramps
  2. Have a cup of herbal or green tea 
  3. Consider doubling up on your period protection if your periods are really heavy
  4. Possibly double up on your underwear if you're using pads
  5. Wear something comfortable and breathable


What do you wear to sleep when on your period

To sleep when on your period, we recommend wearing fitted pyjamas plus close fitting underwear such as our sporty cotton period pants or feeling hip, high-leg period pants. If your periods are on the heavy side, or you wear period pads, you should also think about wearing two pairs of knickers to help hold your pad / pads in place.

For both pyjamas and pants or period pants look for natural materials like cotton as they're more breathable and will help cool you down instead of tossing and turning. We recommend our sporty cotton period pants, or feeling hip, high leg period pants.

High-waisted period underwear come into their own here to hold pads in place, essential for great sleep quality!

'This is a great product - I definitely feel fearless when wearing these. Incredibly comfortable, and very well made. Washes well too. So glad I purchased these.' Marianne

How can I sleep without leaking on my period?

To sleep without leaking on your period:

  1. Change your pad, tampon, cup or period pants right before bed
  2. Use night-time period pants or pads
  3. Double up on your period protection to prevent leaks
  4. Double up on your knickers if you're wearing pads to help keep them in place

Change your pad, tampon, cup or period pants before bed

Changing your period protection sounds obvious right? You'll be wearing your period protection for 8 hours which is longer than you would during the day when you would normally change your protection every 4 to 6 hours.

For safety reasons, if you really have to wear a tampon at bedtime, you'll definitely want a fresh tampon as they shouldn't be worn for more than 8 hours at a time. See 'Can you wear a tampon to bed'.

Use night-time period protection such as bamboo reusable pads

Use night-time period products

Again, you'll be sleeping for around 8 hours, so whatever period protection you use, you should consider a higher absorbency level than usual. If you use pads, look for overnight pads which tend to be thicker and longer / wider which will cover more of your vulva area while you sleep, whether you sleep on your front or your back.

Cheeky Wipes bamboo reusable pads are perfect for overnight as they're the most absorbent in the range. The night pads are 28cm long, providing great coverage and available in bamboo topping which is cool to wear, or a bamboo charcoal fleece which is great if you are squeamish or want to avoid staining.

If you are using period undies which tends to be moisture wicking and leak proof anyway, try wearing a pair with extra absorbency for heavy flow.

'I've worn these overnight on very heavy days, and had no leaks, which is amazing. They look bulky before you put them on, but don't feel bulky when on. So absorbent and comfortable.'  Anna

Double up on your period protection

For tampon users and those wearing a menstrual cup, this means wearing period pants or a pad as backup.

If you wear pads, you can double them up to, overlapping them in the middle so that you have protection to the front and rear waistband of your knickers.

Cheeky Pants period pants tend to have absorbency to the front and wear waistband as standard. However if your periods are especially heavy, you can double up with a reusable sanitary pad which is brilliant for keeping you secure overnight.

Double up on your knickers if you're wearing pads

Sounds nuts, but if you're still wearing pads overnight and haven't switched to period undies, then wearing two pairs of pants can really help. One brief style which you've inserted the pad(s) into. Plus one bigger pair over the top - think high-waisted Bridget Jones style, or boyshorts / boxer style pants.

'Great, they do exactly what it says they will! I'm surprised at how much they absorb, I don't technically need to change during the day, but do for cleanliness. This vs 3-5 full and often leaking disposable pads a day.'  Lyndsay

Can You Wear a Period Cup to Bed?

Absolutely, you can wear a period cup to bed. Period cups are safe to wear for up to 12 hours, so they're safer than tampons. It's worth noting that some people find that they need a source of back up protection in case of leaks. Period pants are perfect for this.


What's the best position to sleep on your period?

The best position to sleep on your period is lying on your side, in the foetal position.  It can help reduce period pain and cramps, especially if you tuck a cushion between your knees to keep your hips aligned for a great night's sleep!

What drinks help with period cramps?

How to get rid of period pain when you're sleeping

There's evidence to say that green tea helps with period cramps. It's full of antioxidant compounds and has some anti-inflammatory effects which may help. It also contains the compound L-theanine, which may help you feel more calm and relaxed.

One study including 1,183 women also noted that drinking green tea was associated with decreased menstrual pain compared with drinking other types of tea.

'These are a game changer!! I ordered 3 different pairs and these are by far my favourite. Feel so comfortable to wear and they are absorbent enough that I wore them for a full 8 hours before changing to another pair on a heavy day of my period. I will be purchasing more as soon as I can so I’ve got enough to wear for my full cycle.'  Katy

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About the author: Helen Rankin is a Mum of 4 who needs her sleep! She founded Cheeky Wipes,  the original reusable wipes kit back in 2008 after disposable wipes caused her eczema to flare up. She went on to develop their range of 'Simple Reusables' to include period pants, reusable sanitary pads and reusable makeup removing pads. Her customer services team pride themselves on providing relatable friendly advice and just LOVE to chat pee, poo and periods all day long! The Company was recognised for their hard work in developing environmentally friendly products with the Queens Award in Enterprise for Sustainable Development in 2021.  


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