Heavy Flow Period Pads & Undies

Suffer from heavy periods, endometriosis, clots or flooding? You need our heavy flow period pads and heavy flow period undies.

Not sure what you need in terms of size, style or quantity? Try our tailored questionnaire for personalised period advice.

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Page 1 of 1:    8 Items

We understand how debilitating heavy periods can be and whilst our high absorbency pants & pads can't change this, they'll certainly make you a whole lot more comfortable, confident and able to cope.

Our soft, comfortable cloth menstrual pads are perfect for wearing on their own or in addition to period underwear for extra protection.  Our bamboo charcoal topped pads are the MOST absorbent sanitary pads on sale, free of harmful chemicals and perfect for heavy days.  The top layer can also be made from cotton, organic cotton or bamboo.

Depending on your flow, reusable cloth pads don't need to be changed as often as regular pads.  Cloth sanitary pads can be used in place of disposable pads and are made from layers of material with a PUL polyurethane laminate lining to keep you leak free. 

Wearing a pair of period pants plus a reusable pad will give you super absorbency, just what you need to tackle super heavy periods.  One pair of underwear (heavy flow option) can be worn for up to 8 hours or overnight.

A fantastic backup to menstrual cups.



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