Reusable Incontinence Pads

Can you reuse incontinence pads? Yes! If you're fed up buying (and binning) disposable incontinence pads such as Tena and are looking for a more ecofriendly alternative, you should definitely consider reusable or washable incontinence pads.

We just love to talk pee, poo and periods here at Team Cheeky but we know that not everyone feels comfortable talking about urinary incontinence. Even adding them to your weekly shop can feel a bit much which is why purchasing online and discreetly from us takes the sting away!

If you're unsure how many you need, or have any other questions? Complete our questionnaire for a tailor-made suggestion from us.  Or drop the team a line - they're always happy to help, no need for embarrassment!

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Page 1 of 1:    7 Items

What's the difference between reusable incontinence pads and menstrual pads?

Our range of washable incontinence pads were developed by Penny, who suffers from chronic incontinence due to illness. They're different to our period pads because they're wider at the back than the front and stay flat and dry in your knickers. However they also work perfectly for heavy flow menstrual flow.

The absorbent core draws moisture into the pad so that you never feel wet. For those of you with less than nimble fingers, our pads have an additional tab which makes opening and closing again that little bit easier.

'Products very well made, wash well and do not leak! I have to add I use mine for incontinence not periods as I am well past menopause - I use the heavy flow ones. So I am wearing them every single day of the month not just for one week a month!

I was nervous about trusting them initially but wore them at home for several days as I have a prolapse bladder so had to be sure I would not embarrass myself out in public, and they have been brilliant even with sudden gushes. I am so happy.

Loved the money back incentive guarantee, and the promotion buy 4 get one free - highly recommend and will be back to buy some more now I known they work! Super happy I am no longer burdening the planet with my daily use of disposable pads and all the associated plastics production and landfill.' Maria Feb, 2022

How do you clean washable incontinence pads? Cleaning washable incontinence pads is easy. Unlike period pads, reusable incontinence pads can be washed at 40c and we recommend a bio washing powder as this will really help remove any lingering smells.

How long can you wear reusable incontinence pads? As with disposable pads, it really depends on the type of incontinence that you suffer with and how often you pass urine. We recommend that for light or mild bladder leakage you change the pads every 3 to 4 hours with regular pads however moderate leaks may require more frequent changes or heavier pads.

Eco Friendly alternative to disposable incontinence pads

Did you know that one pack of maxi pads can have the same amount of plastic as 5 plastic bags, never mind the plastic packaging that they come in? Tonnes and tonnes of plastic waste each year which gets into our oceans and the food chain. Our incontinence washable pads are much more eco friendly too, just wash and reuse.

It’s worth bearing in mind that our reusable incontinence pads are designed for minor to moderate bladder leaks only and aren't suitable for total incontinence. As always, chat to your GP or pelvic floor physio who may be able to help prevent leaks in the first place by toning up your pelvic floor muscles, or take a look at Secret Whispers Kegel weights!

If you suffer with bladder leakage overnight, you might be interested in our bed pads. We've also got a range of washable incontinence pants for men and women which can help deal with all types of urinary incontinence, including overflow incontinence and urge incontinence.


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