Buy One get One Free on selected Pants & Pads
Buy One get One Free on selected Pants & Pads
Cheeky products for cheeky people
Why make the switch

Help save the planet - one wipe at a time

Our one wipe wonder is perfect for faces, hands and bums for all ages! Cheeky™ wipes are kind to babies bottoms as well as the planet.

Trendsetter iconTrendsetter
Eco-friendly iconEco-friendly
Easy to wash iconEasy to wash
No nasty chemicals iconNo nasty chemicals
One wipe wonder iconOne wipe wonder
Kind to skin iconKind to skin
Cheeky Wipes

Why switch to reusable period and pee-proof pants?

If this is your first foray into reusable period and pee-proof pants, we can help get you started. Here at Cheeky HQ we have all been using the products, so are well placed to advise.

Period Pants iconGame-changers!
Eco-friendly iconEco-friendly
Easy to wash iconEasy to wash
Sleep better iconSleep better
No chafing iconNo chafing
Great for sports iconGreat for sports
Cheeky Pants Sporty Style

Why switch to reusable makeup wipes?

This simple switch that is great for your skin and the planet. Available in cute colours and designs to match your style.

No brainers icon No brainers!
Eco-friendly icon Eco-friendly
Designs to match icon Designs to match your style
Zero waste icon Zero waste
Simple swaps icon Simple swaps
Kind to skin icon Kind to skin
Cheeky Makeup Wipes

Poo-nami proof and great for your wallet

We Doodoo resusable nappies! Our easy to use and eco-friendly nappies are suitable for newborns and come in a range of sizes, styles, wraps and accessories.

Money-minders icon Money-minders
Eco-friendly icon Eco-friendly
Easy to wash icon Easy to wash
Suitable from newborn icon Suitable from newborn
Poo-nami proof icon Poo-nami proof
Softer on bums icon Softer on bums
Cheeky Nappies

Never leaky, always Cheeky®

From little accidents to handling Aunt Flo monthly visits, zero waste periods have never been easier. Our super pads don't chafe or rustle and save you money.

Life-savers icon Life-savers
Eco-friendly icon Eco-friendly
Easy to wash icon Easy to wash
Sleep better icon Sleep better
No chaffing icon No chaffing
Leak free icon Leak free
Cheeky Pads
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The Cheeky range of reusable baby wipes, cloth wipes, period pants, reusable sanitary pads & more are available as affordable kits too!

50 million

disposable pee and period protection items saved from landfill since 2016

On a cheeky mission

Hi, I'm Helen, mum of 4 and founder of Cheeky Wipes. They say that necessity is the mother of invention and that's certainly been true for me. I've suffered from eczema for more than 40 years and I established Cheeky Wipes with our skin-friendly, reusable baby wipes & cotton wipes kits back in 2008 when I was pregnant with baby number 3.

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