Cheeky Wipes Australia Loyalty Scheme

We know that you could buy elsewhere and we love that you have found us, so every time you buy from us we’ll give you points based on how much you have spent (excluding postage). Those points will then give you back 3% to spend on future orders.

If you buy a premium All-in-one kit for £45.95, you will accrue 45 points, worth £1.35, which will be stored on your account towards your next purchase.

How do I earn Cheeky loyalty points?

It's easy!  When checking out, create an account and you will then accrue points on every order. Each product page displays how many points that product is worth and you’ll also see the total amount earned on your order in the box at the bottom of the basket page where you will see your total amount spent. These will then be available on your account for your next order.

Please note:
You won't receive any loyalty points for your order if you check-out as a guest because the system has nowhere to store them.
In addition, any returns and refunds will be deducted from your points total.

How do I spend my Cheeky loyalty points?

Every time you log in at and make a purchase, you’ll see your current loyalty points total and value at the bottom of the basket page. There is a tick box on the right hand side and if you want to use the points, tick that box and we will deduct that amount from your order. Easy! 

Can I save my Cheeky points?

You can save your points for up to 2 years from the date of your first order. As per the above, don’t tick the box at the bottom of the basket and you will continue to accrue your points. They will be there waiting for you next time you log in.

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