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what do I need to use modern cloth nappies

How many modern cloth nappies will I need?

If you’re thinking of making the switch to reusable cloth nappies it's easier than you think!  Firstly, of course, you’ll need the nappies and wraps themselves - see the next paragraph for some advice on how many you would need.

Generally, if you've got one baby in nappies, they will use on average 5 nappies a day, however when newborn, it could be up to 10!  Our nappy bundles are great value for money and a brilliant place to start, containing:

  • 10 reusable bamboo cloth nappies
  • 10 bamboo boosters
  • 10 fleece liners
  • 3 reusable waterproof nappy wraps
  • nappy bucket

In addition, we recommend a wetbag to carry your nappies (and wipes) around in when out and about.  Our large double wetbag is double lined and has a removable mesh bag insert, making washing your soiled items easy. Our double wetbags have got two pockets, allowing you to keep a clean nappy in one pocket and any used items in the other.  Being double lined means it's leak-free and keeps any smells in! 

And of course, let's not forget your cloth wipes!  Our mini kit for cloth nappy users is perfect for cloth nappy users as you don't need the 'mucky' elements as you're store your soiled wipes along with your cloth nappies for washing.  Instead it just contains:

  • 25 - Lovely soft premium cloth baby wipes, 15 cm x 15 cm
  • Fresh Baby Wipes container
  • Fresh Baby Wipes waterproof out and about travel bag
  • Either 10 ml bottle of Lavender & Chamomile or Mandarin oil for soaking your clean wipes

Still got questions?  Feel free to contact us, Kirstin and Erika are our resident cloth nappy experts, have used the nappies themselves and are always happy to help.

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