Refer a Friend, Loyalty & VIP Scheme

We LOVE you guys.  Seriously, we do.

At Cheeky Wipes Australia HQ, we want to treat our customers as we would be treated ourselves, so we have completely revamped our loyalty programme, so you can all now be our friends with benefits.  Not THAT sort of friend with benefits, but the sort that would give you a massive hug when they see you.  If you're a hugger of course.  Some people aren't huggers, so instead maybe you can think of us as a nice warm cup of tea type friend.....

Anyway, we have got THREE ways that we want to thank you.  We have our VIP Programme, our Refer a Friend Programme and as if that wasn't enough, we also offer you loyalty points every single time that you buy from us!


Refer a friend

We genuinely love it when we get fantastic feedback from you, our customers.  You may not know this, but we share the best (and any bad) reviews every single day.  We take this really importantly.  Topping this, is when you're so pleased with our products and service that you want to spread the word and want to recommend us to your friends and family, because we know ourselves that we trust personal recommendations like this, more than a review.



Loyalty points

We know that you could buy elsewhere and we love that you have found us, so every time you buy from us we’ll give you points based on how much you have spent (excluding postage). Those points will then give you back 3% to spend on future orders.

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