Reusable Sanitary Pads Kits

Our super absorbent reusable sanitary pads - in kits! They're great value for money because we don't believe that reusable products should cost the earth!

We GUARANTEE that you'll be leak free too, love them or your money back.

Whether you're looking for a first period kit or period starter kit, our eco-friendly reusable pads are available in with a top layer in bamboo or organic cotton covers to help you have a more sustainable period.

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Page 1 of 1:    20 Items

Reusable Sanitary Pad Kits - better for your body

Our super soft reusable pads don't contain harmful chemicals and come in different sizes, from panty liners through to heavy flow reusable sanitary pads. No matter how your menstrual flow is, we've got the pad for you, wear for up to 12 hours, depending on your flow.

They're not just menstrual products either, they're also also great for post-partum and maternity use. SO much more comfortable on your poor battered nether regions than horrid plastic maternity pads. Very absorbent, you can even make a 'pad popsicle' soaked in water and witch hazel and then frozen. This is highly recommended for reducing swelling after childbirth.

If you're not sure what you need, why not try our questionnaire for a personalised recommendation.

If you're considering switching to period pads which are reusable or cloth menstrual pads, take a look at our reusable sanitary pad kits, some of which come with wet bags for easy use out and about.

Do disposable sanitary pads rub you up the wrong way? Here's an alternative...

Our reusable sanitary pads aren't just reusable and therefore better for the environment. They're great for your menstrual health too. Our customers tell us that they make their periods so much better, with their fast-wicking properties keeping them feeling dry and comfortable. 

This leads to less irritation, so if disposable pads rub YOU up the wrong way, then switch to our supersoft reusable pads:

'All disposable pads have caused me irritation my whole life. I was only ever taught that disposable was my only option. I have only used them once and I am never going back.

The only problem that I have with my purchase it that I didn't know about them sooner.

If these products were talked about at school I would have suffered a lot less. Thank you team cheeky' Jane Trustpilot Dec 2021

I wore a bamboo night pad whilst on my period (I bleed heavily) and I didn't have any leakage, nor did I get a rash that I'd usually get from disposable pads.

I also found that I noticed the pad less than what I would disposables. Would definitely recommend if you're wanting to get away from using disposable pads! Holly, Dec 2021

Fed up of plastic waste? Looking to use less single use plastic? Reusable cloth pads are the answer...

We created our reusable pads because we couldn't get along with menstrual cups (childbirth ruined our pelvic floor!) And we were sick of the waste from sanitary products, tampons and pads.

Sanitary pads are a leading source of plastic pollution, from their plastic packaging to the actual pads themselves. Did you know that one pack of maxi pads can contain as much plastic as 5 plastic bags? Choosing reusable pads is a really environmentally impactful choice to make if you're looking to a plastic free lifestyle.

Even with the cost of washing in the washing machine, reusable sanitary towels are a much more eco-friendly alternative to disposables.

Amazing products and customer service, the girls honestly couldn't be more helpful if they tried. Cheeky pants and reusable pads are a massive game changer in our house..... with 3 females in the house buying reusable has saved £££s as well as ditching more plastic. Caroline, Trustpilot Feb 2022

Reusable Sanitary Pads which don't cost the earth

Obviously, it's great that cloth menstrual pads are better for the environment and your body too.

But what's even more important is that they'll save you money too. Cheeky Period Pads are great value for money. The cost per use of a recycle pad is around 3p per use, compared to 12p per use on disposable pads.

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