What Clothes Are Best to Wear on Your Period?

23 May 2024

We often struggle to feel comfortable on our periods. Some people experience bloating, pain, blood, clots, bum daggers (yes these evil unspeakable twangs we have to endure!) the list goes on.

When it comes to dressing yourself on your period it is important to improve rather than worsen any of these issues, to ensure you feel most comfortable and protected.

The best types of clothes to wear on your period include:

  1. Loose Fitting Clothing
  2. Dark Coloured Clothing
  3. High-Waisted Bottoms
  4. Period Proof Swimwear
  5. Seam Free Period Pants
  6. Team Skirts and Dresses with Cycling Shorts
  7. Period Pants Under Active Wear

1. Loose Fitting Clothing

Many people prefer loose-fitting clothing made from soft, breathable fabrics like cotton to help minimise irritation and promote airflow during their menstrual cycle. 

Flowing, layered materials and clothing will minimise discomfort or sweating. Loose clothing like dresses, skirts, roomy playsuits are all great period-friendly options in to stop you feeling self conscious.

You should also stick to lightweight fabrics like cotton or linen, which wick away sweat and dry quickly.

2. Dark Coloured Clothing

Dark-coloured trousers or skirts can be helpful in case of any unexpected leaks. And in the case of bloating, dark colours are typically more slimming.

3. High-Waisted Bottoms

Some people find wearing high-waisted trousers or skirts more comfortable, as they provide extra support and coverage and sit above the cramp zone. 

High-waisted shorts and skirts can provide extra coverage and support for bloating or discomfort. You will want to avoid any waistbands that cut your tummy in half, making stomach ache worse.


If you had a C section and your incision still troubles you around your period choose underwear and clothing that sit higher than the scar. High waisted period pants can offer light support to help.

4. Period-Proof Swimwear

Swimming can help with pair, premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and can reduce period bloating. If you plan to swim or head to the beach during your period, opt for a dark-coloured swimsuit to hide any leaks.

Period-proof swimsuits have built in layers to absorb menstrual blood, great for those who don't get on well with tampons or menstrual cups.


Cheeky wipes have a great range of period swimwear products - 

One piece racer back period costume - has absorbency built in to absorbs period blood and an outer which repels liquid. Period in, swimming pool out!

Perfect for light to regular flow days, holds approx. 1 to 2 tampons of flow. Great as a back up to a menstrual cup or tampon on heavy flow days. Available in jade green.

Period swimmers with bust support - Water resistant treated nylon outer layer with absorbency in the gusset for lighter periods. Adjustable double straps for the perfect fit. Available in neon red or black.

Ruched two piece period bikini - High waisted with ruched sides. They look just like regular swim bikini bottoms. Can be worn with any of your normal tops or with our matching bikini top

Ribbed Menstrual Bikini - Holds two tampons worth of menstrual blood, perfect for a light period or to backup internal protection. Co-ordinates with our Period Swimwear Crop Top

5. Seam Free period pants

Opt for period pants which are similar to your skin tone and won't be seen under pale coloured clothing, such as Cheeky VPL free period pants which come in mocha, almond and black.


Designed for light flow the silky soft fabric allows clothing to glide over the top and not cling.

6. Team skirts and dresses with cycling shorts

High street stores tend to sell cotton cycling shorts cheaply which work to avoid chafing, and to give you more confidence on your period. Marylin moments in a gusty draughts won't ruin your confidence.

They will also help to hold reusable pads in place.

7. Period Pants Under Active Wear

It's a good idea to exercise regularly to relieve period bloating and reduce water retention at the start of your period. If you are cycling or running, riding a horse or playing tennis wearing period undies allows you to move freely - no sticky pads irritating you. They can also catch any little leaks of urine, common during exercise after having babies.


Staying active and getting out socialising will really help your mental health and stabilise your hormone levels over your period so hopefully some of these suggestions can help to limit the impact it can have! 

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As always, if you're unsure of what you need to make the switch, please do drop the team a line or use the online chat function. The team all use the products themselves and just LOVE to chat pee poo and periods, all day long, nothing is TMI and we all love to overshare based on our own experiences.

About the Author: Kirstin is part of the Customer Experience team at Cheeky Wipes, which since 2008 has been selling the original reusable wipes kit. She is mum to three kids and loves the forest, the sea and the hills!

Along with the rest of our crack team, she spends most days talking about poo, pee and periods and loves a chance to overshare. Cheeky wipes were recognised with a Queens Award for Enterprise in Sustainable Development in 2021, celebrating their hard work over the last 13 years.


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