Secret Whispers - Kegel Pelvic Floor Trainer

Secret Whispers - Kegel Pelvic Floor Trainer

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Kegel Pelvic Floor Trainer - Australia 

Secret Whispers Kegel Exercise Weights: Your Solution for a Stronger Pelvic Floor in Australia

Boost your pelvic floor muscles with our Secret Whispers Kegel Exercise Weights, a multi-award-winning kit recognized on the Chris Evans Virgin Breakfast Show. Perfect for anyone looking to strengthen their pelvic floor, gain better bladder control, and tackle incontinence with confidence.

This kit is not just for those who have had children; it's also great for preventing issues that come from a weakened pelvic floor due to ageing. (Yep, another reason why menopause is a pain!)

Why Choose Secret Whispers Kegel Trainer?

Gentle & Safe: Our Kegel trainer is made with soft medical-grade silicone, making it gentle to insert and use. It's safe, free from harmful chemicals, hypoallergenic, and 100% waterproof, ensuring it's easy to clean and comfortable for everyday use.

Effective Pelvic Floor Exercise: Just like lifting weights at the gym strengthens your arms, using our Kegel weights strengthens your pelvic floor muscles through natural contractions. When you insert the weights, they challenge your pelvic floor muscles to contract and hold them in place, strengthening these muscles over time.

Real-Time Improvement: It can be hard to know if you're doing Kegel exercises right because pelvic floor muscles are internal. Our weights help by giving you real feedback. You'll feel them move if your muscles contract correctly, helping you learn the proper technique.

Customized Workouts: Just 15 mins a day with our 6 Step Programme, you can start at a level that's comfortable for you and increase the weight as your pelvic floor gets stronger. This helps you track your progress in real-time, ensuring you're always challenging your muscles just the right amount.

Recommended by Experts: Healthcare professionals, including gynaecologists and physiotherapists, recommend our program because it specifically targets the correct pelvic floor muscle contraction, helping to strengthen the pelvic floor efficiently.

How your lifestyle benefits from this pelvic floor trainer:

  • Confidence: Improve bladder control and say goodbye to leaks when you laugh, sneeze, cough, or exercise.
  • Health: Tackle problems like prolapsed uterus, bladder, and bowel more effectively, reducing the need for surgical interventions.
  • Sex Life: Better pelvic floor equals better orgasms and who doesn't want better orgasms
  • Preparation & Recovery: Prepare your body for pregnancy and childbirth, and enjoy a faster recovery postpartum with strengthened pelvic floor muscles.

The Secret Whispers Kegel Exercise Weights are your partner in building a stronger pelvic floor, enhancing your health, and boosting your confidence. Start your journey to your healthier pelvic floor today and feel the difference for yourself!






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