A Glossary of Reusable Wipes Terms

8 February 2024

The world of reusable baby products can be confusing and overwhelming for new parents. Here at Cheeky Wipes we want to help make the transition from disposable to reusable as smooth for you as possible. Choosing sustainable baby products not only saves you money in the long run, it cuts single use plastics and is better for baby.

Our eco-friendly wipes are a brilliant alternative to disposable wipes or biodegradable wipes! Our natural wipes are environmentally friendly can be used with pure water or add our essential oil blends.

Perfect face wipes which are great for using on newborn babies too. Even better our reusable baby wipes can be used with reusable nappies or disposable nappies, and will help prevent nappy rash too.

Fragrance free, using cloth wipes makes sense when cleaning delicate skin including faces & hands. Washable baby wipes aren't only the best baby wipes but the original plastic free wipes too! 

Read on for an A-Z of reusable nappy wipes and accessories - 

  • All In One Kit - AIO - Everything you will need to clean up after nappy changes or mealtimes, the reusable baby wipes kit includes storage tubs for fresh and mucky wipes, a mesh bag for easy transfer to the washing machine, oils to preserve fresh and used wipes, out and about bags to avoid needing any single use wipes, can be used with any type of nappy - disposable or reusable cloth fitted nappies


  • Antibacterial - A substance that kills microbes like bacteria, parasites, viruses and fungus
  • Antimicrobial - A substance that slows the growth of microbes including bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungus
  • Bamboo Wipes - can be disposable bamboo wipes or reusable bamboo wipes, soft but sturdy sustainable material, can be disposable wipes or reusable, in a range of colours from natural, grey or rainbow


  • Biodegradable - something that can be broken down organically - by living things like bacteria, decaying naturally without causing harm, take caution when single use wipes claim to be biodegradable, they tend to in fact only be compostable 
  • Compostable - needing heat, moisture and bacteria to break down materials into natural non toxic elements
  • Clip Lid - easy one hand opening to help make nappy changes easier, cheeky wipes Fresh boxes can be opened easily even in the middle of a sh*t storm!
  • Cloth Wipes - reusable washable baby wipes for nappy changes, hands and face washing and weaning, Cheeky Wipes one wipe wonders are game changing for poonamis, in a range of fabrics and colours, directly replaces single use wipes
  • Cotton Wipes - absorbent material fabric woven wipes, terry towelling wipes hold water well and are soft but grippy for cleaning up poo
  • Family cloth - Toilet paper alternative kit to replace toilet roll, never run out again!
  • Flushable baby wipes - no disposable single use wipes should be flushed down the toilet even if they say they can be, they block your drainage pipes, congeal in sewers adding to fatbergs and end up in our seas and oceans harming marine life, the cellulose fibres that stop them tearing in your hands as you wipe prevent them from disintegrating fast enough to prevent harm
  • Fresh wipes box - clip sided tub for storing fresh moist wipes ready for nappy changes or mealtimes, refresh daily if set up with just water for babies under 6 weeks and every two days if you add a few drops of lavender or mandarin oil
  • Hands and faces reusable wipes - washable wipes for cleaning up after meals and during weaning, soft and gentle on little ones hands and faces
  • Lavender essential oil -  has antiseptic and anti fungal properties, it can help heal cuts and burns and is also soothing which makes it lovely for using on baby. (Plus it smells fabulous!) add a couple of drops to your Cheeky wipes fresh wipes box
  • Make up wipes - super soft washable make up wipes are the easiest swap to make, use as a direct replacement for cotton rounds or single use make up wipes, soft and durable


  • Microfibre - recycled mirofibre polyester wipes, great for hands and faces, really fast drying
  • Mucky Wipes Bag - small wetbag for taking out and about to store used wipes, with removable mesh insert for easy transfer to the washing machine
  • Mucky Wipes Box - clip sided tub with a pop top for easy addition of used wipes, with pegs to hold a mesh bag so wipes can be transferred to the wash hygienically, add water and a few drops of tea tree oil to keep the tub smelling fresh, wash wipes every 2-3 days max
  • Oeko-Tex Certification - this label certifies that every component of the product, from the fabric to the thread and accessories, has been rigorously tested for harmful substances to protect your health against a list of up to 350 toxic chemicals.
  • Organic - textiles that are grown without using toxic pesticides, man made fertilisers and genetic modification, many fabrics can be organic and organic cotton and organic bamboo are commonly used
  • Plush - velvet soft fabric used in wipes, backs Cheeky wipes bamboo plush wipes, our cutest patterned wipes
  • Pop top - easy flip top opening to dirty wipes to be dropped into Cheeky Wipes mucky box 
  • PUL polyurethane laminate - layer in wetbags, pocket nappies and training pants that is water resistant
  • Reusable Wipes - direct replacement for single use baby wipes, moist fabric squares to wipe baby during diaper changes or feeding time
  • Soaking Solution - additions to wipes tubs to freshen or preserve wipes before use or washing, lavender, mandarin, tea tree oil being most popular
  • Strucket - bucket and strainer in one, can be used for wipes or cleaning cloth nappies instead of a nappy bucket
  • Tea tree oil - Tea tree oil has been shown to kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Studies show it acts as a disinfectant, add a couple of drops to your mucky box used wipes to begin the cleaning process before washing, don't use with fresh wipes as it is quite astringent so not to go on babies skin
  • Terry Cloth - weave of fabric to make it hold more water, like towelling
  • Wash Bag - mesh net bag to store wipes before and during washing
  • Weaning cloth wipes - pre-wet reusable wipes for cleaning up babies first tastes and at mealtimes, great for taking out on days out and picnics
  • Wet Bag - PUL lined waterproof bags in a variety of sizes to store used soiled items, including wipes, nappies, clothing, reusable period pants and pads, can be mini, single or double, with zips and mesh inserts, can be used for dry pailing
  • Wet & Wipe Spray - soothing nappy area spray to help clean skin, can be used directly or to moisten wipes
  • Wipes Container - bags or tubs to store fresh wipes before use or mucky wipes before washing
  • Wipes Solution - additions to the water used in reusable wipes like essential oils

"Great company I’d never heard of this company until I discovered that certain toilet paper can give me a rash! Yep you heard me right a rash.

As a sufferer of A-topic eczema and years of suffering, there are times that I have developed sensitivities to certain substances/materials. After days of research and ways of looking on how to reduce my contact with toilet paper (not for every toilet visit I may add) I came across Cheeky Wipes.

I chose Cheeky Wipes as they are an independent company and I really liked the ethos of the companies ethics. So after browsing the website I purchased the intimate wipes or family cloth as they may be referred to. After using these for a week or so now I have noticed that I’ve not had any rashes. They are very soft, absorbent and have a very cheeky design on them.

Washing them is a breeze, they wash beautifully and you don’t have to separate the wash load, it’s just the same as washing your underwear. I will most likely be looking at other products from Cheeky Wipes as I really want to cut done on using disposable products and use more reusable items.

Not only for the environment but also for my health, because who knows what process and chemicals are being used in disposable items." Micky Trustpilot Jan '24

If you need any more guidance, drop the team a line or come and find me on the online chat UK time 10am-2pm. We use the products everyday and LOVE to chat nappies, poo and wee, all day long, nothing is TMI and we all love to overshare based on our own experiences...

About the Author: Kirstin Scriven is part of the Customer Experience team at Cheeky Wipes, which since 2008 has been selling the original reusable wipes kit. She is mum to three kids and loves the forest, the sea and the hills!

Along with the rest of our crack team, she spends most days talking about poo, pee and periods and loves a chance to overshare. Cheeky wipes were recognised with a Queens Award for Enterprise in Sustainable Development in 2021, celebrating their hard work over the last 13 years.


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