Reusable Dog and Cat Wipes | Pet Cleaning Wipes
Reusable Dog and Cat Wipes | Pet Cleaning WipesReusable Dog and Cat Wipes | Pet Cleaning WipesReusable Dog and Cat Wipes | Pet Cleaning Wipes

Reusable Dog and Cat Wipes | Pet Cleaning Wipes

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Product Information

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Eco-friendly iconEco-friendly
Easy to wash iconEasy to wash
No nasty chemicals iconNo nasty chemicals
One wipe wonder iconOne wipe wonder
Kind to skin iconKind to skin
Period Pants iconGame-changers!
Eco-friendly iconEco-friendly
Easy to wash iconEasy to wash
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Eco-friendly iconEco-friendly
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Kind to skin iconKind to skin
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Eco-friendly iconEco-friendly
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Suitable from newborn iconSuitable from newborn
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Softer on bums iconSofter on bums

Dog and Cat Wipes - Pet Cleaning Wipes

Introducing Cheeky Pets: The Ultimate Reusable Pet Wipes for Your Furry Friends!

Check out our Ultimate Guide to Pet Wipes for more important information about dog and cat wipes.

Lots of our customers who are pet owners have been using our wipes to clean their pets mucky paws! So why not provide a dedicated little kit especially for our 4 legged friends to store in the home or car.

The kit includes a cute double wet bag and 10 large naturally antibacterial bamboo wipes for cleaning your dog, cat or pet (20cm x 20cm)

Our double wetbags for dog wipes or cat wipes are made from PUL laminated supersoft plush, with one pocket for clean and one for used. Great for when you are out and about.


Say Hello to Cheeky Pets: Your Reusable Wipes for Happy, Clean Pets ��

Hello, lovely pet owners! We're super excited to tell you all about something special we've made just for your furry family members. Meet Cheeky Pets – the reusable pet wipes that are going to make your life so much easier and keep your pets super happy.

What's So Great About Cheeky Pet Wipes?

In a nutshell, these wipes are like a magic wand for cleaning up your pets. They're made for everyone who loves their pets but also cares about our planet. You can use them on any pet – big or small, cat or dog, fluffy or not-so-fluffy. They're here to tackle all sorts of messes, from dirty paws to dusty fur.

Soft for Them, Tough on Dirt

We know your pets are precious, and their comfort is key. That's why Cheeky Pets wipes are super soft. They're perfect for wiping away mud after a fun day out, cleaning little faces, or even giving a quick butt clean without causing any fuss. And the best part? You can wash them and use them over and over again. No more throwing away wipe after wipe.

Good for Your Pocket, Even Better for Earth

Our planet is pretty awesome, right? We want to keep it that way. Cheeky Pets wipes are our way of helping out. They're much better than using tons of throw-away wipes that end up in the trash. Plus, you'll save money since you won't have to keep buying new packs of wipes. It's a win-win!

Every Pet's Best Friend

  • No More Allergies: If your pet gets itchy from regular wipes, you'll love these. You can choose what to moisten them with, even if it's just water. Great for wiping down eyes and paws if your pet suffers from Hayfever too!
  • Take Them Anywhere: They're light and dry fast, making them perfect for trips or quick clean-ups anywhere.
  • For Everything: Muddy paws? Check. Dusty fur? Check. A bit of a stinky situation? Double-check. These wipes can handle it all.

Super Easy to Look After

We're all busy, and pet care already takes up a good chunk of our day. That's why we made Cheeky Pets wipes a breeze to clean. Just wash off the big bits of dirt, throw them in the washing machine, and let them dry. They'll be ready to go again in no time.

Why We Made Cheeky Pets

We love our pets. We love our planet. And we believe it's possible to take great care of both. Cheeky Pets wipes are all about making your life easier, helping you save some cash, and doing our bit for the earth. They're a small change that can make a big difference.

Ready for a Game Changer?

If you're looking for a simple, effective way to keep your pet clean while being kind to our planet, Cheeky Pets reusable wipes are the answer. Join us on this journey toward more love, more adventures, and less waste. Your pets will love the extra cuddles, and you'll love how easy it is to keep them clean and happy.

  • Wash only to 40°C
  • No fabric softener!
  • Don't use any bleach on this product.
  • Vegan friendly
  • Oeko-tex certified
  • Paraben free
  • SLS free







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