Washable Breast Pads - 3 Pairs Bamboo Breast pads
 Washable Breast Pads - 3 Pairs Bamboo Breast padsWashable Breast Pads - 3 Pairs Bamboo Breast pads 

Washable Breast Pads - 3 Pairs Bamboo Breast pads

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Washable Breast Pads - Bamboo

  • 3 Pairs - 11cm wide approx
  • Super absorbent and leak-proof reusable nursing pads, machine wash up to 40c.
  • Ultra Soft & comfortable
  • Can be tumble dried. 
  • Available in black or white extra (white 1 layer extra absorbancy) 
  • A hospital bag essential

Composition: Fast wicking top layer for extra dryness, these bamboo breast pads have a bamboo fibre core for maximum absorbency, with a PUL backing to prevent leaking.

'These are great! Saved me going through so many disposables. Soft and gentle on sore nipples, soak up a lot of leaking when nursing on one side and don't feel damp to touch so can wear all day or all night. Clean really well and dry quickly. Highly recommend!' Rebecca, Sept 2021

The best washable breast pads

At Cheeky Wipes, we understand that breast feeding isn't always easy. Sometimes it is. Sometimes it is agonizingly toe-curlingly painful.

We've been there. Sweaty disposable breast pads really don't help. That's why we developed our range of reusable breast pads. These flatter ones are brilliant for larger breasts, the shaped ones are great for smaller breasts.

Are washable nursing pads good?

Yes! Our bamboo nursing pads are thinner than many disposable pads, highly absorbent and super soft against the sensitive skin on your long suffering nipples!

Our machine washable breast pads are an eco-friendly, comfortable fit and more cost effective alternative to disposable breast pads.

'I was a little unsure about using washable breast pads as i didn't think they would be absorbent enough, but these are great!! They are a really good size and I use them over night with no leaks. Quick drying and really comfy :)' Lucy, May 2021

How do you use washable breast pads?

Just pop these into your bra and position over your nipple. If you have really strong let down of your breast milk you may need to change them during the day for hygiene however once your milk flow settles down they're brilliant to use all day. Because they are ultra absorbent, they're great for night time use too, no need to wake up in a wet patch!

How do you wash reusable nursing pads?

Wash them with your normal washload and washing powder or liquid at either 30 or 40deg. We find a mesh wash bag or laundry bag is really useful to stop them escaping into the odd sock black hole....Ideally air dry or line dry. Sock airers are perfect!

How many washable breast pads do I need?

The nursing pads come in packs of 3 pairs. We recommend between 5-10 pairs depending on the strength of your milk let down and washing frequency.

**Please note, our white nursing pads have been labelled incorrectly with our make up pad logo, care instructions are the same** and leak-proof too, wash up to 40c.






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