FAQ: What About Poopy cloth wipes?

Is dealing with poo putting you off switching to reusable wipes?

They making changing nappies so much quicker there is no way I will ever go back to cotton wool and water or baby wipes out and about! Would recommend to anyone! Natalie, Trustpilot, Nov 21

The Cheeky Wipes promise is you’ll have less contact with poo than you would with a disposable baby wipe or water wipes!

How to change a poo-ey nappy with reusable wipes

We reckon that Cheeky Wipes are the best wipes for baby nappy changing because have a bit of 'traction' and don't smear poo around like disposable wipes, so you get the job done quicker and easier. Not so important on a newborn but when you have a wriggly 9 month old who is trying to escape it's critical! Amazing!

Why I wasn't using these before I'll never know. One square does a big poo from my toddler compared to the 6-7 disposables from before!! And so easy to prep/use :-) Lucy, Trustpilot Sept 2021

Cheeky Baby Wipes offer a natural cloth baby wipes alternative to biodegradable wipes which make dealing with poo easier. They're environmentally friendly, our wipes solution uses natural ingredients and are perfect even for the most sensitive baby.

No nappy rash here!

How to change a poo-ey nappy with reusable wipes

  • Lift up baby's legs. Do the first wipe with the front of the disposable/ cloth nappy (as you normally would) which gets rid of any 'lumps' of poo.
  • Gently wipe away any remaining smeary bits with a natural Cheeky Baby Wipe
  • Pop your dirty baby wipe into the mesh bag insert of your mucky baby wipes container (or out and about travel bag).
  • With your next wash load on, pick up the mesh bag, loosen the drawstrings at the top (hurrah, no poo contact there) and chuck it into the washing machine.
  • Once the washer has finished, pull out your clean and fragrant wipes (thanks to the special anti bacterial essential oil!) …and back to the beginning, ready to use our natural baby wipes again!

I ordered the cheeky wipes started pack for mucky bums and have found the product a really good addition to my home. They are perfect for a newborn bum as they are gentle and use no harsh chemicals - just water! Not only are they the best option environmentally, they clean up much better than a standard disposable wipe - a runny newborn poo usually takes 3 or 4 wipes, whereas I can clean my son’s bum with one cheeky cloth! Karen, June 2021, Trustpilot

Want to know more?

Our eco friendly reusable wipe guide is great for more information.

Or see one Cheeky Wipe do the job of 7 disposable wipes!


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