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If you’ve been wanting to make practical, simple eco-changes to your family home, reusable swim nappies are a great place to start.

Here, we share with you our top 5 reasons to make the switch.

1. Save money.
If your child swims on a weekly basis, it will cost you around $35 a year for disposable swim nappies. Of course, most children swim more frequently than this during the summer months and at under $30 a pair, the reusable investment pays for itself very quickly.

2. Reduce landfill.
The vast majority of disposable swim nappies end up in landfill, and our best guess of how long they take to decompose there is about 500 years. Every time you reach for your washable swim nappy over a disposable, you’re keeping rubbish out of landfill.

3. Enjoy greater self-sufficiency
Using cloth swim pants can help your family to be less reliant on the shops. Even if it’s only one less thing in your shopping trolley each week… it’s still one less thing!

Once you have a pair or two, that’s it. You don’t have to keep adding swim nappies to your grocery bill on a weekly basis, even if you frequent the beach or attend swimming lessons year-round.

4. All the options!
Reusable swim nappies are available in a vast array of prints and colours, so there’s something for every little person. They also come in sized and one-size options and varying closure types or even pull-up style, so you can choose what is best for your family.

5. Never run out.
When you choose a reusable swim nappy, you’ll always have it on hand. Just wear, wash and wear again!

A reusable swim nappy will lower your grocery bill, reduce landfill and simplify your swimming routine. What’s not to love!

Swim nappies are not designed to absorb wee (if they did, they would also absorb pool water and your child would quickly sink) so allow your child plenty of toilet breaks.

Check out our great range of reusable swim nappies HERE.

Eva Van Strijp is a mother of six, business owner and supplier of two of our award-winning cloth nappy brands. When Eva isn’t hanging out with her family or running a business, she’s eating chocolate, listening to podcasts or tending to her veggie patch.

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