How to use (it's super easy and clean!)

what-about-poo.jpgPlease don't worry that you’ll have to touch the stinky brown stuff. Never! Cheeky Wipes promise you’ll have less contact with poo than you would with a disposable baby wipe! Because Cheeky Wipes have a bit of 'traction', they don't smear poo around like disposable wipes, so you get the job done quicker and easier. 

Cheeky Wipes offer a natural cloth baby wipes alternative to make dealing with poo easier.

  • Lift up baby's legs and do the first wipe with the front of the disposable/cloth nappy (as you normally would). This gets rid of the 'bulk' of the poo.
  • Use a natural cloth Cheeky Baby Wipe to gently wipe away any remaining smeary bits.
  • Drop your dirty baby wipe into the mesh bag insert of your mucky baby wipes container (or out and about travel bag).
  • With your next wash load on, pick up the mesh bag, loosen the drawstrings at the top (hurrah, no poo contact there) and chuck it into the washer.
  • Once the washer has finished, pull out your clean and fragrant wipes (thanks to the special antibacterial essential oil)!

…and that's it, your Cheeky Baby Wipes are ready to be used again!

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