Travel wipes kit

Travel wipes kit

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Whether it be car, boat or plane travel, keep clean and fresh with these Cheeky travel wipes. 

These are a selection of things I like to keep on me when travelling to ensure I keep my hands clean / germ free and to allow me to get to my destination feeling fresh!

If you are travelling with kids, this kit is perfect for mishaps and mess or to wipe down surfaces before use. 

This is a great 'going away' gift for friends or family heading off on a trip. 


Cheeky Wipes fresh bag to store damp wipes

Cheeky Wipes mucky bag to pop used wipes in 

A 5ml lavender and chamomile oil OR mandarin oil with a 2ml empty dropper bottle to store oil in while you travel

10 x white cotton terry cloth wipes (various colours depending on availability)

Dr Bronner Hand Sanitiser 


Directions: Wet the wipes, add 1-3 drops of oil and squeeze out the excess water. Store them damp in the 'fresh' bag until needed. Once used, put them in the 'mucky' bag and wash when you get to your destination. The inner 'mucky' bag lining can be unzipped and put in the washing machine without being touched.

Use the hand sanitising spray as needed. 



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