Reusable Cloth Baby Wipes All-In-One Kit (PRE-ORDER: ETA EARLY DECEMBER)

Reusable Cloth Baby Wipes All-In-One Kit (PRE-ORDER: ETA EARLY DECEMBER)

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Washable Wipes Kit for Disposable or Cloth Nappy Users. A Chemical-free Alternative to Disposable Baby Wipes!

Cheeky Wipes are great for both nappy changing and hands & face wiping, using 99.84% water and essential oil! 


Cheeky Wipes are:

  • Soft and Natural - cotton or bamboo wipes with 99.84% water and less than 1% essential oil. Cheeky Wipes are great for sensitive skin and eczema prone skin and helps with the prevention of nappy rash
  • Hassle Free - cloth wipes are so much easier to use than disposable wipes and 1 wipe is enough to clean the messiest of nappy changes
  • Saves Time and Money - disposable wipes can cost up to $1500 in the first 2 years! This kit will set you up for years of wiping and you'll never run out of wipes! (no midnight runs to the supermarket!)
  • Eco-friendly - no landfill and no harsh chemicals
  • Easy colour coded system - "Fresh" items are blue and "mucky" items are green


We’ve listened to your feedback and improved our kits with these fantastic features:

  • Splash-proof seal to keep your wipes fresher for longer

  • Clip lids help prevent spillages

  • Mucky box has easy pop-top to dispose of mucky wipes quickly and easily

  • Internal pegs on the mucky box to keep your mesh bag open and drip free


  • 25 - Lovely soft premium cloth baby wipes, 15 cm x 15 cm. Choose from a range of premium wipes in cotton, bamboo, organic cotton or choose our trial set to receive a selection of all wipes currently in stock.

  • 'Single-Clip' Fresh Baby Wipes container

  • 'Easy-opening' Mucky Baby Wipes container - with 1 mesh bag insert

  • Cheeky Wipes Fresh Baby Wipes waterproof out and about travel bag

  • Cheeky Wipes Mucky Baby Wipes waterproof out and about travel bag - with mesh bag insert

  • 10 ml bottle of Fresh Baby Wipes Essential Oil Blend - choose from Lavender & Chamomile or Mandarin -  important safety information about using essential oils

  • 10 ml bottle of Tea Tree & Tea Tree Lemon Mucky Baby Wipes Essential Oil Blend 


Getting Started

  • For 25 wipes, use cold water to fill your ‘Fresh Wipes’ container to approx. 3cm from the top and then add 4 - 5 drops of the ‘Fresh Wipes’ essential oil blend. Pop your lovely soft cloth baby wipes into the ‘Fresh Wipes’ container, then turn the pile of wipes over a couple of times and once they have soaked up all the water...hey presto they’re ready to use! You can then tip out any excess water so they aren't sitting in it. 
  • Prepare your ‘Mucky Wipes’ container by filling with water to the fill level marked, then add 3 – 4 drops of the ‘Mucky Wipes’ essential oil blend to keep those mucky baby wipes sweet.
  • Use the wipes for cleaning bums, faces, hands, whatever needs cleaning!
  • Once you’ve used the wipes, place them inside the clever mesh wash bag in the ‘Mucky Wipes’ container. This saves you having to touch those mucky things again.

No extra washing…or drying required!

  • Your mesh bag of mucky baby wipes can go straight into the washing machine (30 – 60 degree wash is fine!) with your next load of washing – your baby wipes come out clean. 
  • Washing at 60c once a week (with your towels or bedding for example) or occasionally using an anti-bacterial washing solution will help keep them in tip-top condition.
  • No need to dry them if you're in a hurry, just place them back in the ‘Fresh Wipes’ box with some fresh essential oil solution. However getting them out on the washing line helps keep them hygienic too!

Travelling or just popping out for a play date?

  • Just pop some clean damp baby wipes into your waterproof ‘Fresh Wipes’ bag and off you go!
  • After use, drop the mucky baby wipes into the mesh insert in the ‘Mucky Wipes’ bag.
  • Back home, throw them into the wash in the mesh bag with a normal load. The outer bag can then be wiped clean with a wipe and some tea tree oil and then hang inside out to dry

Fabric and Care 

  • Wash white wipes at 30°C to 60°C​
  • Prints and colours only to 40°C
  • If you prefer not to wash at 60°C, you can use an anti-bac laundry cleanser  which claims to kill 99.9% of germs from just 15°c.



  • Never leave the wipes to soak in a solution of bleach/water or harsh stain removers as it will damage them and could irritate skin.



  • You can use fabric softener! Our wipes are soaked before use so it won't make any difference to their absorbency. 


  • Wash dark colours separately.


  • You can dry your wipes in between washes - either in the tumble dryer  or on the washing line. Sunshine is nature's own bleach!

  • Vegan friendly
  • BPA-Free
  • Oekotex certified
  • Paraban free
  • GOTS certified (Organic Cotton wipes)
  • SLS free
  • 5
    Really good

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Sep 2021

    The bamboo is really soft and improve a lot my baby's rash. Also my gave me peace of mind that we are not generating so much waste and the washing it is quite quick and easy.

  • 5
    Fantastic user friendly product

    Posted by Zoe on 18th Aug 2021

    I was keen to purchase reusable wipes to use with our upcoming baby and Cheeky Wipes make it all so easy and accessible. It is beautifully presented, functional and cost effective. I cannot wait to use this product and appreciate friends recommending it. I added 25 bamboo wipes to the pack and am very happy with my purchase. Thank you for creating such a thoughtful, fantastic product.

  • 5
    Good quality and well thought out

    Posted by Clare on 13th Aug 2021

    Really easy to use, much better than disposable wipes

  • 5
    Cheeky wipes

    Posted by Nikki on 10th May 2021

    Love this system. I feel smug each time I use them, not adding to landfill. They also work better than disposable wipes in actually getting the bottom clean. I love that I can use these for all sorts of spills (vomits, dirty hands, dirty bottoms etc). Highly recommend. My only suggestion for improvement would be to add an extra mucky bag to the kit (which you can purchase separately).

  • 5
    Beautiful quality and functionality

    Posted by Abbey on 8th Mar 2021

    The system works well, the products are quality and can see that it will last. The organic cotton wipes are beautiful soft but enough texture to clean.

  • 5
    Cheeky wipes kit

    Posted by Kimberley L on 2nd Mar 2021

    Absolutely love this kit, great value and so easy to use. Definitely recommend.

  • 5
    Cheeky wipes

    Posted by Amy on 4th Nov 2020

    I love these new style cheeky wipes this is our second box as we have a set already in the bedroom , knowing she has no chemicals from wipes makes me happy and gentle for hands and face we have these all over the house :) and always come up clean on the wash :)

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