Hassle-free Baby Wipes


Whether you’re a disposable or cloth nappy user, choosing Cheeky Baby Wipes is an EASY option.

NO Hassle…
It really is easy-peasy. One 'Fresh' container for soaking clean baby wipes, with just water and a few drops of essential oil - equals lovely perfumed wipes (without lots of chemicals!). 

A second clever 'Mucky' container with a removable mesh bag insert, for soaking dirty cloth baby wipes in water and antibacterial essential oil blend. So you never have to touch the mucky wipes. 

NO Extra Washing…
Your mesh bag of dirty baby wipes can go into the washer with a normal load – soaking your cloth baby wipes with the antibacterial essential oils means that your baby wipes come out beautifully clean and smelling gorgeous.

NO Fuss Travel…
With your special water-resistant Fresh and Mucky Out and About Travel Bags, you just need to grab a handful of clean damp baby wipes and off you go! Once you've used them, pop the dirty baby wipes in the mesh insert in the Mucky (dirty) wipes bag. Once you get home, chuck them in the washer with whatever you're washing. Could it get any easier? 

No more late-night dashes to the shops for disposable wipes! Cheeky Baby Wipes are there when you need them.

Hassle free, perfect for using with disposable or cloth nappies, no extra washing, saves you money AND deals with poo quickly. Could Cheeky Baby Wipes be any easier?