Frequently Asked Questions


Washing & Caring for your Cheeky Baby Wipes Kit
How do I clean the baby wipes? Won’t the dirty wipes make the rest of my washing yucky?
If you think about it, there’s less poo on a baby wipe than if your baby has a massive explosive poo which goes all over their singlet or clothes and you don’t throw those away do you? Most of the poo goes on the first wipe which you do with the nappy, so there’s very little actually left on the wipe!

Soaking the dirty wipes in the Mucky Container in plenty of water (approx. ¾ full) and the Mucky Wipes Tea Tree Lemon Essential Oil Blend Solution, will helps minimise stains from setting and keeps the wipes fragrant. Essentially the first step of the washing process is already happening in the Mucky Container.

When you have a wash going on, just pop the mesh bag into the washer, making sure to loosen the drawstring (to allow the wipes to come out) and clean properly during the wash. Your baby wipes will wash clean in the washer without damaging your clothes or the washing machine.

If you are particularly worried about the poo going in with your other washing, simply give the wipes are quick rinse off in the laundry sink and then place into the machine.

Do you recommend washing the wipes before the first use?
Yes, we recommend giving them one wash before use.
Please take note to wash dark coloured wipes with dark items, and light coloured wipes with other light items to prevent any possible colour transfer.

Should I dry the baby wipes before re-using?
Yes, we recommend that you dry them (preferably in a dryer or on the washing line) as this prevents mould from forming.

However if you need wipes quickly you can skip the drying process occasionally and just pop your clean wipes back into the Fresh Wipes Container with some fresh water and Essential Oil Solution and you can re-use immediately.

Can the wipes be dried in the dryer?
Yes, we recommend that you dry them on a low/warm setting. Drying the wipes in a dryer will most likely cause them to shrink a little.

How hot should I wash them? Do you recommend any particular washing product?
A specialist washing product isn’t necessary, cold or warm washing and drying your wipes in the sun or in a warm dryer will keep them hygienic. The wipes may shrink a little when first washed, but this is completely normal and won't affect the wipes performance.

How often should the wipes be washed / refreshed?
Your wipes will stay fresh in the solution for up to three days, however we recommend washing and refreshing the solution on alternate days (particularly in the warmer weather).

Won’t the baby wipes stain or become discoloured over time?
Because you’re pre-soaking all the dirty wipes in the Mucky Wipes Container in plenty of water and Mucky Essential Oil Solution after use, this minimises stains from setting.

For the Hands & Face wipes, we recommend shaking off any excess food/crumbs and giving them a quick rinse under the kitchen tap to minimise any stains.

Laundry products like Napisan can be used on the wipes; however the sun is a great natural way of removing any stains (parents using cloth nappies will know of the ability of the sun to remove stains from cloth nappies, wipes etc). Staining is also less obvious on coloured wipes.

My wipes smell musty – help?
Used properly your wipes shouldn’t smell musty. A few things that can cause your wipes to smell are;

  • Infrequent washing of your wipes – we recommend doing this every alternate day. If you are not using the full 25 wipes within this time frame, simply soak less wipes and keep the remainder dry for next time.
  • It may be a few days since you changed the soaking solution – we recommend changing the solution every 2 – 3 days.
  • Not enough drops of the Fresh Wipes Essential Oil have been used – we recommend approx. 3 drops of oil per 25 wipes (and an extra 2 drops for the Microfibre wipes).
  • Warm water was used to soak your wipes – we do not recommend using warm water as this encourages mould growth.
  • The wipes have been left them in a warm place – we recommend storing your wipes out of direct sunlight.
  • The wipes are not wet enough – in particular the microfibre wipes should be stored very wet and any excess water simply squeeze out upon use.

To remove any smells we recommend washing the wipes in a warm wash, an antibacterial wash like Dettol Sanitising Laundry Rinsecan be used and then allow to dry in the sun. Next time the wipes are used add a few extra drops of Essential Oil and then follow our recommended care instructions.

My wipes are stained or aren't washing well - help?
Some trouble-shooting tips:

  • The Mucky Wipes container should be filled with water to approximately ¾ full, so that the stains don't have a chance to set.
  • Always loosen the drawstring on the wash bags so the wipes can come out and wash properly in the machine.
  • Wash on a standard wash, not an eco or rapid wash which is generally only for very lightly soiled items.
  • Laundry products like Napisan can be used on the wipes; however the sun is a great natural way of removing any stains (parents using cloth nappies will know of the ability of the sun to remove stains from cloth nappies, wipes etc).

Do I have to wash the Out and About bags?
No, we recommend that you don’t unless they are VERY soiled as repeated washing can damage the waterproofing lining. The Mucky bag mesh insert is of course fully machine-washable to 60 degrees.

Container Questions
Are the Containers dishwasher safe?
No, we recommend cleaning the Fresh and Mucky Containers with warm, soapy water (simply use dishwashing liquid).

How often should I change the soaking solution in the containers? 
We recommend that the water and essential oil solution in the containers is changed on alternate days to keep your wipes fragrant.

Can I use warm water to soak the wipes? 
No, using warm water means your soaking solution needs changing more frequently as it can encourage mould.

My wipes aren’t wiping off poo well – why?
Your wipes might be too dry, they need to be wet enough to squeeze a drop or two of water out of each one before use.

Essential Oils & Baby's Skin
How much water and essential oil do I need to add to the container? 
For 25 wipes, fill the Fresh Container to the top fill line with water, and then add a few drops (approx. 3 drops) of the Fresh Wipes Essential Oil. The Mucky Container should be filled ¾ full of water with a few drops of the Mucky Wipes Essential Oil Blend.

Note: Microfiber wipes are super absorbent, so add a little extra water and oil.

How long will the essential oil last? 
Assuming that you use 3 – 4 drops per time and change the wipes on alternate days, the 10ml in the kit should last you about 6 months.

Can I buy more of the essential oils?
Of course, we sell all our Cheeky Wipes products individually.

I don’t know much about essential oils – are they safe to use on babies?
Midwives recommend that you use just plain water for the first 6 weeks of your baby’s life. You can use your Cheeky Wipes with water, but only soak as many as you’ll need for a day (about 10-15) as the Essential Oil acts as a natural preservative for the wipes.

Lavender, Chamomile and Mandarin are all renowned for their calming effect on babies and skin care benefits. Their hygiene and anti-septic qualities and fragrance make them perfect for soaking in water for fresh wipes.

Tea Tree and Tea Tree Lemon oils are also safe to use when diluted in water for your mucky baby wipes. We don’t recommend that either essential oil blend is applied directly on the skin because of the small chance of allergic reactions.

A small percentage of people are allergic to Lavender. If this is the case, stop using the Lavender solution and use the Mandarin oil instead.

Can I use the oils directly on the skin?
No, we don’t recommend that either essential oil blend is applied directly on the skin because of the small chance of allergic reactions.

Are they suitable for sensitive skin?
Absolutely! Helen (the developer of Cheeky Wipes) suffers from Eczema herself and this is one of the reasons that she developed the kit as disposable wipes caused so much irritation to her hands. In fact Lavender and Chamomile are often used for the treatment of eczema.

Will it help with nappy rash?
We have many parents who purchase a Cheeky Wipes Kit because their child suffers from recurrent nappy rash and often within a few days the rash has disappeared. We are not saying Cheeky Wipes is the miracle cure; however you are not exposing your child to the chemicals in disposable wipes which can further irritate your child’s delicate skin.

Baby Wipes Questions
Can I use the wipes on baby’s face?
Yes, they’re brilliant for cleaning up after meal times (particularly the microfibre wipes) and can be used for cleaning the high chair, clothes etc too. Be gentle around their delicate eye area though.

Can Cheeky Wipes be used from birth?
Cheeky Wipes can be used from birth, although Midwives advise using just plain water for the first 6 weeks. They’re also GREAT for removing that sticky meconium! 

You can use the mucky wipes tea tree / tea tree lemon solution from birth for soaking the dirty wipes as they are washed before contact with baby again and they help to keep the wipes hygienic.

Are the wipes soft? What are the baby wipes made from?
Yes all our wipes are soft, however for newborns we recommend our bamboo wipes for extra softness.

Will one set of 25 baby wipes be enough? Can I buy extra wipes?
On average if you wash every second day, then 25 wipes should be fine. If you only have a wash load every third day, a particularly mucky baby or just want the peace of mind of never running out of wipes then we suggest purchasing an extra packet. When your baby start solids/baby led weaning we recommend separate hands and face wipes. We seek the wipes separately so you can choose to buy wipes separately at a later date.

What else can the wipes be used for?
Cheeky Wipes are not only great for nappy changes and cleaning hands & faces, they also have many other uses. In fact we have compiled a list of over 45 uses for Cheeky Wipes around your home. Read the full story in our Blog.

I have a toddler and new baby – how many wipes will I need?
We would recommend purchasing 2 packets of baby wipes.

Can I use the baby wipes on toddlers? 
Of course, Cheeky Wipes are perfect for older children and during the toilet training phase. Our hands and faces wipes can be used on all ages!

Which wipe material should I choose? 

Best for: The most effective wipe for cleaning poo.
Softness: 4/5
Pro’s: These are our most popular selling Cheeky Wipe material.

Best for: All-rounder, suitable for bottoms and hands & faces (ideal for newborns) Softness: 5/5
Pro’s: These wipes are also a great all-rounder, naturally antibacterial and softer than standard cotton terry.

Best for: Double sided all-rounder, cotton terry on one side for bottoms, cotton velour of the other side for hands & faces.
Softness: 5/5 for the cotton velour side, 4/5 for the cotton terry
Pro’s: The super soft cotton velour side is perfect for hands & faces, the cotton terry is great for bottoms.

What about big poos?
Cleaning big poos is easy-peasy with Cheeky Wipes™ because cloth has more traction than a disposable wipe which tend to smear. See our ‘What about Poo?’ page for more information.

Out and About Questions
Will the out and about bags fit in my changing bag?
Absolutely, they fold up really small and will fit easily into any changing bag.

How many baby wipes do I need for a day out?
I usually take 4 or 5, depending on how long I’m going to be out for and whether it includes a lunchtime or snack. I just pop any that I don’t use back into the Fresh Wipes container when I get home.

Do I need to wash all the bags after I’ve used them?
Just the mesh bag insert on the mucky baby wipes bag should be washed. The out & about bags should only be washed occasionally to maintain their waterproof qualities.

My Out & About Bag seems to leak, what am I doing wrong?
Simply squeeze out any excess water from the wipes before placing into the bags. They will remain moist in the bags all day and will not leak through.