Fabric Gift Wrap - reusable

Fabric Gift Wrap - reusable

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Wrap it in style!

Hello Snowglobe gift wraps offer a beautiful and sustainable alternative to single use wrapping paper. Made from soft cotton, our stylish wraps are reusable and repurposable, inspired by the Japanese style of wrapping with fabric called Furoshiki.

By choosing one of our beautiful prints, you are adding an extra personalised touch that will be treasured by your loved one. Hello Snowglobe wraps have a removable ribbon, meaning you can wrap up presents of all shapes and sizes by tying the fabric in a knot or wrapping the present in the traditional way. The wrapping options are only limited by your imagination.

Why we love Hello Snowglobe gift wraps:

  • You can customise your present, making it more environmentally friendly
  • All Hello Snowglobe wraps use 100% cotton fabric. We prefer to use natural fabrics as they are better for the environment.
  • It can be given as a part of the present or can be used within your family
  • Our premium high quality fabrics add to the value of every gift given while looking after our precious resources at the same time. Our 100% cotton fabric is soft, yet durable enough to stand the test of time so that our wraps can be handed from recipient to recipient for years to come.
  • Hello Snowglobe wraps make wrapping any object with rounded or unusual shapes easy. No more need for sticky tape or scissors! Simply follow our easy to use instructions.


Giving a gift lovingly wrapped in fabric is a unique way to add an extra special element of luxury to your gift that is also incredibly environmentally beneficial.

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