Eye make up removal pads

Eye make up removal pads

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Cheeky Wipes Organic Reusable Eye Make-up Removal Pads

They're made from double layer organic cotton sharpa which is very soft, perfect for the delicate eye area.  We recommend them for use with our organic coconut oil but they work really well with toners such as micellar water also.


  • 10 double layer organic cotton sharpa makeup removing pads 8cm in white or black

How to use:

  • Keep the pads stored dry in your box or bag, ready for use
  • To remove make-up, smooth the coconut oil or your favourite cleanser over your face with your fingertips, gently massaging it in
  • Your mascara will literally just melt, without rubbing or pulling
  • run a clean pad under the hot tap 
  • wipe off the coconut oil and makeup using the hot pad 
  • run another pad under the cold tap and gently refresh your face, leaving it clean and moisturised
  • wash pads with next wash and reuse (we recommend washing the white pads with light/white washing)

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