Cotton Sanitary Pads - Dandelion

Cotton Sanitary Pads - Dandelion

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Luxury Cotton Cloth Sanitary Pads 


  • Leakproof printed cotton outer layer (laminated)
  • Two absorbent cotton/organic cotton layers
  • Inner layer cotton 
  • No fluorescence, bleaching, formaldehyde, dioxins or any harmful chemicals that cause rash, irritation and itching.

These pads are made of cotton which is a natural material and therefore tend to be cooler to wear. They are also thin, so if you prefer a thinner more discreet pad or if you're buying for a teenager, these are perfect for you. They are also less likely to move around as the cotton fabric will stay in place very well. 

Cloth Sanitary Pads are an eco-friendly, healthier, more cost effective alternative to disposable pads. For those new to cloth sanitary pads the concept can be a little “Ew!” but to be honest using cloth as opposed to disposables is more comfortable. Because they are so much more absorbent, moisture is drawn into the pad, leaving you feeling fresher for longer.

Disposables have to contain lots of nasty toxic chemicals, dioxins and gels to enable them to be absorbent, which can lead to sensitive skin, irritation and thrush. Cotton however, allows your skin to breath and can potentially reduce the risk of yeast infections and discomfort.

Of course it goes without saying that cloth pads will cost a fraction of what you would be spending on disposables each month which just end up sitting in landfill!



Liner Pad 22cm x 6cm (approx.) - suitable for light days of your period or mild incontinence

Day Pad 25cm x 7cm (approx) - suitable for most days of your period, or general incontinence.  

Night / Maternity Pad 30cm x 7 cm (approx.) - suitable for heavy days of your period, overnight use or mild incontinence.

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    Great value

    Posted by Jenny on 8th Mar 2021

    I've been using these pads for my bleeding after birth and they have been great. No leakage. No stains or smell after washing :) Feels really soft against the skin too. The maternity size is only a little bigger than the day, would've preferred it to be longer. Still highly recommend!

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    Cloth Sanitary Pads

    Posted by Felicity Dunk on 1st Jan 2021

    I am a 56 year old woman who purchased these for LBL. I have to say that they are the most comfortable liner I have ever worn. They are not like those thin disposable ones. It is like wearing a cloud, and you don't feel the popper when you sit down. Thank you Cheeky Wipes. Please make more colours

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