Better for the Environment


Natural Baby Wipes: Protecting the Planet
Just think about every disposable baby wipe you throw away. In 2007 almost 21.3 million tones of waste ended up in landfill in Australia (source: Australian Bureau of Statistics), so this is a perfect chance to do your bit to protect the environment for your children.

Using Cheeky natural Baby Wipes is as easy as recycling your newspapers, glass and tins. No more disposable baby wipes sitting around in landfills until your baby has grandchildren of their own! The future of our planet is literally in our hands.

Cloth Baby Wipes: A More Gentle Way to Clean Bottoms
Cheeky cloth baby wipes are an ecofriendly, green and natural way to clean your baby’s bum! Our lovely natural washable cloth baby wipes use just water and safe essential oils, which aren’t just biodegradable but smell great too! 

And, Cheeky Baby Wipes won’t create a Mount Everest of washing either as you can just pop them in with a normal load. And they are best dried in the sun (as the says rays are naturally antibacterial), so no tumble drying makes another environmental bonus! 

Natural Baby Wipes
Using Cheeky Baby Wipes is a hassle-free way to do your bit for the planet – an ecofriendly, natural, and affordable wipes option!

Stop and think before you put even more rubbish in that bin. All those nasty chemical baby wipes are going straight to landfill. Cheeky Baby Wipes is the greener option…