100ml Mandarin essential oil

100ml Mandarin essential oil

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Cheeky Wipes Mandarin Essential Oil (Fresh Wipes Blend)


  • Cold-pressed mandarin essential oil has a sweet light fruity scent and is the gentlest of essential oils, safe for use in pregnancy and on children.
  • All our oils are premium grade, the highest quality aromatherapy oils available.
  • Steam distilled to preserve the unique signatures of the plant.


Directions for Use:

  • A few drops of the Mandarin Oil Fresh Wipes Blend are added to water with Cheeky Wipes Cloth Baby Wipes (in the Fresh Baby Wipes Container), for a beautifully smelling, chemical-free alternative to disposable wipes!
  • When the oils are properly diluted they are safe on babies skin, however it is recommended that only water is used on newborn’s until they are 6 weeks old.
  • Add the oil to the Fresh Container at the same time as adding the water and this will enable it to disperse without staining the wipes.

If you are concerned about sensitivities or allergies, we suggest you test a few drops diluted in water on the skin.

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