Rainbow Terry Cotton Cheeky Wipes

Rainbow Terry Cotton Baby Wipes (premium)

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Perfect for cleaning mucky babies at nappy change times - Brilliant for cleaning poo!
Size 15 x 15cm  


We've upgraded our rainbow cotton terry wipes to heavy weight PREMIUM 'zero twist' fabric.  Naturally strong and soft, this fabric doesn't need to be twisted during manufacture, meaning it feels more plush to the feel and heavier than our standard cotton.  We think you'll like it!  Perfect for bottoms or hands & faces and available in gorgeous rainbow colours!  



  • Natural and soft Terry towelling
  • Multi-purpose, ideal for bottoms and hands & faces 
  • Super soft

Also available in natural colour (click image)

Easy to Wash and Reuse

  • Simply soak the wipes in the Fresh Wipes Container with water and a few drops of the Fresh Baby Wipes Essential Oil Blend, choose from Lavender & Chamomile or Mandarin & Tea Tree.
  • The wipes smell devine and your child's bottom and room will smell great too! 
  • A specialist washing product is not required. Cold or warm washing and drying your wipes in the sun or in a warm dryer will keep them hygienic (wipes may shrink slightly on first wash, this is completely normal). 
  • Wash coloured wipes with dark colours up to 40 degrees.


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    Posted by Felicity Dunk on 1st Apr 2020

    I just received my first shipment of these cloths. Oh my gosh they are so soft. I need to order some more. I ordered these as an altenative to toilet paper. I think I am hooked. The packaging and the little free sample of a wipe and a pen were unexpected but well received. Thank you Cheeky wipes

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    One of the best things I ever bought after having kids

    Posted by Clare M on 20th Feb 2020

    These are our fourth lot of wipes in 5 years (2 sets each of for bums, and for hands & faces). They work so well, are soft, easy to clean, and saved us and the environment a huge amount!
    These ones are fun for the kids, they love the bright colours. When your wipes start to wear out you can put them in the compost too! Can't say enough good things about these products, for real.

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    Best wipes

    Posted by Sophie on 15th Feb 2019

    We’ve been using the white terry cotton wipes every change since my little one was born so when we started needing hand and face wipes, we didn’t hesitate a second and ordered cheeky wipes again. Great quality and value for money !

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    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Jul 2018

    I love these wipes! They are so much better than disposable!

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    Great wipes!!

    Posted by Laurel on 10th Jul 2018

    We switched to cloth nappies when our daughter was 5 months and haven’t looked back, and these wipes are a perfect complement! Good size, enough ‘grip’ (although we use a combination of toilet paper and wipes for really messy incidents) and love the colours. I’m glad I went with these over the plain ones. One tip is to make sure any Velcro in the laundry load with the wipes is matched together, if Velcro unfortunately sticks to the edges of the wipes it ruins the edges.

    Thanks Cheeky Wipes, really love this product! :)

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    Cheeky Wipes are awesome!

    Posted by Bron on 14th Jan 2017

    Seriously, I don't know why you would spend money on or cost the environment with disposable wipes! Bums, hands, faces, bathtime, out and about - cheeky wipes are all you need!!!

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    Great for Adult's too!

    Posted by HH and CM on 4th Jul 2016

    We decided to start using these wipes in replacement of toilet paper (for ourselves - adults) and we couldn't recommend it more! We've saved so much money and done good by the environment! They are so soft, and the perfect size. We don't have to do any additional washing as we just chuck them in with our clothes. We are about to buy an electricity-free washing machine (a smaller, foot pumping one that uses alot less water) so we will be doing even better for our beautiful world. Thanks Cheeky Wipes for helping us make this happen! We are about to order a whole lot more and have put our friends onto it as well :)

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    Use the as indivudal face wipes! Excellent product

    Posted by Jess on 19th Mar 2016

    I've been DIYing make up removal wipes for a while but wanted to level up my usage by using something that was reusable instead of the kitchen towelettes I was using Enter these wipes. I love them. I make a batch of wipes up, keep them in the bathroom, and use them just like single use make up removal wipes. They do the best job. I throw the wipes in with my usual washing and when all used up make a new batch. :) Love, love, love.

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    These are the best!!!

    Posted by Lil on 1st Nov 2015

    We love these!! We've used these pretty much from birth with our 3 month old and we rave about them to everyone. We've used some left over disposables a couple of times and every time we're astounded at how terrible they are and that they are the standard. Disposables just smear the poo around. The terry wipes have all important "tread". We now make sure our out and about cheeky wipe bags are next to the tubs so we can grab a couple and go.
    We hang them on peg hangers ($3 from reject shop) so we can bring them in & out from the clothes line in one grab & never had a stain.

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