SAVE Money


Family expenses are rising by the day – food, rent/mortgage repayments, gas, electricity (the list goes on) are all pushing our wallets to the limit.  Try paying for all of that on maternity pay… something has got to give!

Did you realise that using Cheeky Wipes could save you over $400 in the first two years versus using disposable wipes? Gulp! $400! That’s right! Enough for a mini family holiday…or new clothes…or a treat for the kids…

Washable Baby Wipes versus Disposable Wipes
Buying one pack of disposable baby wipes per week at $4 each (there plenty of brands that are more expensive than this) in the first two years of your gorgeous bubba’s life comes to a staggering $416
Cheeky Wipes Washable Baby Wipes All-In-One Kit costs just $89.95! 
That’s a SAVING of $326!

And for parents with more than one cheeky monkey (or just a particularly messy one!),
who go through 2 or more disposable baby wipes packs per week.
You could be saving over $670 in the first two years!! 

Cheeky cloth baby wipes mean more cash in your pocket!

Want less hassle, an environmentally friendly product and to SAVE Money?
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