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"Things to like:

  • Save money on buying disposal baby wipes
  • A great chemical free option that is suitable from birth & ideal for sensitive skin
  • Cloth wipes are more effective at cleaning & you generally only need 1 wipe per nappy change
  • Better for the planet
  • The essential oils that also have great natural benefits
  • Safe baby wipes ingredients, no chemicals
  • The Mucky mesh bag, you don’t have to touch mucky wipes
  • Lots of wipe fabric choices
  • Wipes containers are easy to open with 1 hand
  • Available in one convenient kit (all-In-one Kit)"

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"I’m just going to say it - you need this product! Don’t even worry about reading this review, once you have this product you’ll know what I mean. Cheeky wipes are a must have! I’m not a cloth diaper-er so I was curious about how I would go using this product but I loved it." 
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Dierdre's Experience (brought to us by Darlings Downunder)

 The Nappy Spot

"Overall, I love this system, and only wish that I had it when I first put cloth nappies on my daughter as a week old baby! Cheeky Wipes is an environmentally friendly, easy to use system that will save you lots of money as the costly item of disposable wipes is removed from your weekly shopping list."
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Six Little Hearts

 six-hearts2.jpgAs Seen On Six Little Hearts

"Disposable wipes come in at a costly $5-$6.50 a packet and usually they are sold in packs of 80. A single bad nappy change can set you back a good 8 wipes at one time which means your dollars are going straight into the bin and rapidly. (I just worked out that's around 8 cents a single wipe! - Ouch!) No need to even bang on about the environmental cost here either as we all know it is another huge burden on our planet."
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My Life in Mono...
"I love just love the packaging! Everything fits in a box. I also love that it's colour coded. Perfect for mothers who sometimes gets a little too overwhelm with things and forgets what goes where. They even colour coded the essential oils! All I have to remember now is Green is Mucky (Dirty) and Blue is Fresh (Clean)." 
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More than Just a Mummy
"I have found them to be a lot more effective at cleaning. After a rather nasty weetabix nappy I managed to complete the clean up using just one wipe. It’s always taken a good four disposable wipes to clean up one of these types so I’m very impressed."
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Mum To A Monster
"I would and have recommended the Cheeky baby wipes all in one kit  to everyone. You can use it with cloth nappies or even as I have with disposable nappies.  I love the fact I don’t have to panic if I am running low on wipes and need to go to the shop."
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Mummy, Not Big Milk Thing
 "As a mum you expect to fall in love with your new baby but what you don’t expect is to fall in love with baby products and I have to say that I am in love with Cheeky Wipes!"
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The Adventure of Parenthood
The Adventure of Parenthood
"The first thing I noticed when using the cheeky wipes, was that Dylan's nappy rash as good as disappeared."
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Rosie & Ruby love ....

"Over the last two months I have used the wipes every day and I think they are brilliant. Rosie loves them and finds all kinds of excuses to get her hands on them. She seems to enjoy the feel of them on her skin, and I often find her wanting to clean me and her baby sister with them too!"
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Michelle's Review of the Mini Kit
I received my Cheeky Wipes Mini Kit about a week ago and I’m pleased to say that they fit right in with cloth nappying. It’s so simple to set up and they go straight in the nappy bucket with my cloth nappies. Never again will I have to waste precious time racing to the shops because I’ve run out of wipes.

The Mini Kit also comes with a fresh bag so you can take your Cheeky Wipes with you when you head out. It takes just about the same amount of time to grab fresh wipes and throw them in the bag as it does to grab a pack of disposables. The great thing is, when you use them when you’re out and about, all you need to do is throw the dirty wipes in your wet bag. Simple.

At first I was hesitant about the initial cost of cheeky wipes. Disposable wipes are cheap right? Well little did I know that $3 a week quickly adds up (and they’re the cheap ones!). So now I realise that my disposable wipe habit has probably cost more than $250 in less than a year. I’m kicking myself that I didn’t purchase Cheeky Wipes earlier. I could have saved myself $200 by now. Not to mention all the money I’ve wasted on those fragrant nappy sacks for the dirty disposable wipes.

Apart from the cost benefit, I decided to make the move to cloth wipes because of all the nasty chemicals present in disposable wipes. Just take a look at the ingredients on the back of a disposable wipes pack. I can’t even pronounce half of them. Why have I been putting those nasties on my precious baby’s skin and why in the world was I wiping her face with them after meal times? I feel much more at ease using cheeky wipes- water and essential oils, you can’t get much more pure than that.

So what about convenience? When considering that Mini Kit users are already using cloth nappies, using cheeky wipes isn’t any more work. Add water, drops of essential oils, throw in some wipes and you’re done. They smell better than disposables, are thicker and yes, you only need one per change. I rinse the dirty wipe as I’m rinsing the nappy liner. Then throw it all in the nappy bucket.

I was a little worried that my beautiful white wipes were going to come out of the wash all stained and grotty looking. To my surprise they are still bright white, with no stains to be spotted.

I’m so pleased with how effortlessly they fit into cloth nappying. Now as I walk into my daughter’s room I smell the sweet fragrance of lavender and chamomile, not the lingering smell of the dirty disposable wipes that seems to hang around in the air for hours. And best of all, I know I’m taking care of my little girl’s skin too.