Nappy Bioliners - 200 roll

Nappy Bioliners - 200 roll

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Making nappy changes easier! 


Use with cloth or disposable nappies to flush away mess with ease, while keeping baby dry. Makes using cloth nappies much easier.  These liners can even double as disposable wet-wipes, without any complex ingredients! GMO free.


  • Bio-liners are biodegradable so they can be flushed* or composted safely, keeping your nappy bucket or bin waste free

  • If you are using standard disposables, these liners enable you to dispose of sewage responsibly by throwing poo in the loo rather than in the bin, which is a health hazard

  • Acts as a stay-dry liner. Moisture goes one way only and helps to keeps baby's bottom dry

  • No more mess, smells or rinsing

  • Made from corn-derived PLA

  • One size fits all babies


dimensions / materials: 200 liners, 18cm x 26cm


*Flushing is not suitable for septic toilet systems.

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