Cheeky Patch - Picnic In Your Pocket

Cheeky Patch - Picnic In Your Pocket

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Why Cheeky Patch?

Cheeky Patch is a compact, waterproof and versatile mini picnic blanket for one!

They fit easily in your bag, bike or pram to let you enjoy the freedom to picnic anytime, anywhere! 

They have so many uses and are great to have on you when you’re out and about. We love the idea of using them for weekend picnics with friends and family, when you take a lunch break in the sun or when you just want to pull up a patch of grass and enjoy the sunshine with your baby. They come in some delightful patterns and colours. 

If you hate the thought of dragging a big picnic blanket around with you or the grass stain on your jeans after a leisurely lunch, try these out. You’ll love them! (they make great presents too!) 



SIZE: 48cm x 48cm


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