Product review from: The Green Abode

Posted by The Green Abode on on 15th Jan 2020

If you are a parent of a baby or toddler, there is no doubt that you go through a plethora of baby wipes. From changing nappies, to wiping dirty faces to wiping up spills - the need for baby wipes is enormous! With growing concerns surrounding safety of the ingredients used in conventional wipes along with the environmental impact on our waterways and landfill, cloth wipes are a fantastic “green” and cost effective solution.

Recent media reports have questioned the safety of ingredients used in conventional wipes. The main chemical gaining attention is methylisothiazolinone, which is used as a preservative and is a leading cause of dermatitis. Others chemicals used include sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, polyethylene glycol, tricolsan, phthalates and petrochemicals – some of these are known hormone disruptors, surfactants and skin irritants. Some baby wipe brands do use less harmful ingredients and some use just water! In my opinion, these are a better option, although they do tend to come with a heftier price tag.

Cloth baby wipes are not a new idea – I am sure most of our mothers made their own wipes from terry towelling material or Chux wipes before disposable wipes hit the supermarket shelves. But cloth wipes, along with cloth nappies have come a long way and are now easier and more convenient to use. The Cheeky Wipes products are a super easy and convenient way to use cloth wipes. The All in One kit for nappy changes consists of 2 containers – a “clean” container and a “mucky” container, 25 cloth wipes, 2 essentials oils and a “clean” and “mucky” bag for when you are on the go. You simply add water, a few drops of essential oil and the clean wipes into the “clean” container and your wipes are ready to use. Once they have been used, pop them in the “mucky” bucket (prefilled with water and a couple of drops of essential oil) and when you are ready to do a load of washing, simply pop them in the washing machine on a rinse cycle before adding the rest of the load for a normal cycle. Once they are done, hang to dry and you’re ready to start again. There is also a Hands & Faces kit which is perfect for meal time clean ups.

I have been using my Cheeky Wipes system for over 3 years and love it. I have recommended them to many friends, which is why I decided to become a stockist. I really believe in this product. It has saved me hundreds of dollars on disposable wipes, lessened my girls exposure to irritating chemicals and saved many kilograms of wipes going to landfill. I personally think they are easier and more effective than disposable wipes too.


Hands down, the best baby item I ever bought!