Single use wet wipes block pipes

Single use wet wipes block pipes

Posted by The Leader on on 15th Jan 2020

Sydney Water has put out a plea to residents of Bangor, Barden Ridge, Lucas Heights, Menai and Woronora to stop flushing wet wipes and other bathroom products down the toilet.This follows a seri … read more

Product review from: The Green Abode

Posted by The Green Abode on on 15th Jan 2020

If you are a parent of a baby or toddler, there is no doubt that you go through a plethora of baby wipes. From changing nappies, to wiping dirty faces to wiping up spills - the need for baby wipes … read more

Do you love FREE Shipping?

15th Jan 2020

We have now added a category for selected products which have FREE regular post included … read more