Hands & Faces Kit (packaged kit)

Hands & Faces: At Home Kit (no travel bags)

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Painting projects? Craft disasters? Backyard messes? Cooking classes?
This kit is perfect for the messes that come with home schooling projects and endless snacks!  
Similar to the normal Hands and Faces Kit but without the 'out and about' bags.....

The Kit contains:

  •  25 - Lovely soft cloth baby wipes, (15cm x 15cm) choose from;
    • White premium terry cloth OR
    • Rainbow premium terry cloth 
  • Fresh Baby Wipes Container
  • 10 ml bottle of Fresh Baby Wipes Essential Oil Blend - choose from Lavender & Chamomile or Mandarin
  • Cheeky Wipes Instruction booklet: step-by-step instructions, easy to read.


  • A cloth baby wipes system based on 99% water and 1% essential oil, which is ideal for children with sensitive skin (including eczema)
  • Flat, stackable lids and air-tight seals to keep your wipes fresher for longer
  • Single-clip lids means easy one-handed opening and closing (important so your other hand is free to hold your child)
  • Fill water level on the Fresh Wipes Container
  • Fresh Container measurements: 19cm (l) x 19.5cm (w) x 9cm (d)


When used on faces and hands, simply wash off excess food under the cold tap and the wipes can be placed straight into the washing machine. If you'd like somewhere to store them until you have a wash going on, consider adding a Mucky Container, Mucky Essential Oil and Mesh Wash Bag to your order.

We all know how messy meal times are, so why not save money on using all those disposable wipes!


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    Perfect for weaning

    Posted by Julia on 4th May 2015

    Just bought this set as we started weaning our second son and I really wish we'd had them first time round! They work so much better than 'normal' wipes, and I just bung them in with a normal wash. Even our five year old prefers them when he's cleaning himself up!

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    Posted by Nicola on 2nd May 2015

    My daughter had sensitive skin on her cheeks and dry patches from where her face was being wiped, even with water wipes. Since using the cheeky wipes this has cleared up and is much kinder to the skin. Overall great service and great quality item.

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    Hands and Face Kit - we love it!

    Posted by Maddy on 16th Apr 2015

    Our family loves the cheeky wipes hand and face kit. Our little girl has sensitive skin and the cheeky wipes are so soft and gentle on her skin. The system is so easy to use at home and while you're out and about. The wipes smell amazing and you use fewer wipes to clean up a big mess in comparison to disposable wipes. I also like to use this system to wipes down her toys, high chair and mats at home! They are also easy to clean once they have been used (I just throw them in the wash with the bibs) and they are a very durable product considering how often they are used in our home! We believe this system is far more cost effective than disposable wipes and better for our daughter and the environment. The service from the cheeky wipes company owners is exceptional, always efficient and they are always more than happy to answer any questions about their products. Thanks for looking after your customers!

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    Cheeky Wipes Save Time and Money

    Posted by Emma on 12th Jan 2015

    Our Cheeky Wipes Hands and Face Kit has saved us loads of time and money. So quick and effective for cleaning up the kids, high chair and even the floor after meals. Chuck them in the wash and refill the box. We have had ours for almost a year and they have washed and worn wonderfully well. They also make great dish cloths. So easy to take out and about to. I also love that there's no wastage, if you have fresh wipes left when we get home we just pop them straight back into the box. Thanks Cheeky Wipes.

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    Amazing product

    Posted by Megs on 11th Jan 2015

    Amazing product especially the hand wipes - only need one for a messy face!

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    Saved a fortune on wipes!

    Posted by Jess on 5th Jan 2015

    I just wanted to let you know that I am loving my cheeky wipes! I have already saved a fortune on wipes - I used to need 3-4 wipes to clean up Percy after meals and I now only need one cheeky wipe! It also makes for easier travelling (rather than taking 100 wipes!) and the waterproof bag is fantastic!

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